5.11 MOAB 10 Review

I was given the opportunity to demo the Rush MOAB 10 from 5.11 Tactical a while back.  If you have never heard of 5.11 Tactical they are a manufacturer which creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals.

The MOAB 10 is a small Sling style pack that can be used for both right and left handed users via the hidden straps on the back of the pack.  Being a sling pack it allows you to access the admin and main compartment by grabbing and swinging over the pack to the front.

Overview of the outside of the pack:

The MOAB 10 pack is covered with MOLLE webbing on the front of the pack along with both sides and the shoulder pad.  You also have a Velcro name plate on top along with a 3×3 inch Velcro moral plate in the middle (where I have attached a flag patch).  Directly behind the admin pocket you will find the hidden pistol compartment.  If you do not have a CCW permit to conceal carry a firearm it’s a great place to store a writing pad or a small tablet. This hidden compartment is 6” wide by 11” deep.


Like mentioned above on both sides of the MOAB 10 you will find even more webbing which allow you to add even more accessories.   As you can tell from the pictures, I added a H2O carrier to one side of the MOAB 10 and my Fenix flash light holster to the other. Now if there is one thing that I feel this pack is missing is a water bottle section on the sides like the Rush Delivery messenger bag has.  This would eliminate the need to purchase a separate H2O carrier.  Towards the top of both sides you will also find compression straps that allow you to snug down all your belongings so they are not moving around while on the go.  On the top of the bag you will find a hefty grab handle.  This may not seem like a big deal but on some of my previous packs the grab handles have just been thin straps that feel very flimsy when loaded.  Right behind the strap you will find the felt lined sunglasses compartment.  I don’t generally put my sunglasses away so I found it to be a great place to put my Leatherman multi tool in.

On the back you will find a hydration pocket (1.5ltr) with a pass through port towards the top that allows you to route the hose up and over to the shoulder strap.  The back of the pack is also very well padded with integrated ventilation channels & non slip pads.  One of the great features of this pack is that it is ambidextrous, which means it will work for both right and left handed people.  But if you are like me, eventually I get tired of having a sling pack on one of my shoulders when it’s loaded.  What I have found useful is when I do get tired I switch it over to the left handed strap and continue to use it on my other shoulder.


Now lets talk about the strap.  I have several packs that in concept are very nice.  But when it comes down to it they are not comfortable to wear.  The shoulder strap on the MOAB 10 is very nicely padded which is great for all day carry not to mention its covered in MOLLE webbing.  Another great feature is that it has a small coms pocket with pass through whole for a mic/ earbuds.  Now I don’t carry a coms but I do like to listen to music.  I found this very nice to put either my IPod or Blackberry.  Like I have been mentioning, this pack works for both right and left handed users.  Towards the bottom of the pack you will find a hidden sleeve where the left handed strap is tucked away.  Simply pull it out, unclip the right handed section, clip in the left handed strap and put away the right handed section into the hidden sleeve.  The last section on the outside of the pack is the bottom retention straps.  This is a great place to put a rolled up jacket or sweater.



Moving onto the first pocket which is the Admin pocket, this pocket can be opened from both left and right side via 2 zippers for both right and left handed users.  Once in you will find a variety of pockets.  You will find 2 large pockets that are used for M16 magazines on the front compartment.  I don’t generally carry around my AR15 so there is no need for me to carry around my magazines so I keep a few odd pieces in there like my glasses case, eye drops ect.  The main pockets have room for pens, business cards and other knick knacks.  You also have a zipper section where I keep loose change and other things I don’t want moving around in the pocket.  On both sides you will also find key fob holders.


Just like the admin pocket the main compartment can be opened from both left and right side via the 2 zippers.  Once opened you will find a nice open sleeve compartment where you can slide in your laptop where it can be snug down with a compression bungee cord.  On the other side of the main compartment you will find a zippered compartment that runs the whole length of the pack that can be opened on either side to make it easily accessible for both left and right handed users.  One nice feature I liked is in front of the zipper pocket is 2 mesh compartments that open via 4 Velcro tabs.  One side allowed me to put my paracord in it and in the other I have my trauma pack.



Bottom Line:

The 5.11 MOAB 10 is a very well built versatile sling backpack.  I have used this pack for over 2 years now and im very impressed with the overall design and workmanship. The MOAB 10 feels very much at home in harsh conditions like hiking or camping as well as taking it to my kids soccer game or on the go.  At under 100 dollars its a great buy as well.